NLB Pension Fund

In its annual statement for pension savings, the NLB New Pension Fund AD Skopje will provide information for your username and password. The password outlined in your annual statement is for single use only and once you log in for the first time in your pension account you’ll be asked to change the password.

You will be the only person who’ll know the new and it’ll be easier if you save it and protect it. We recommend that you change your password regularly.

Personal account

If you cannot remember your password you can use the option “I forgot my password” or contact the NLB New Pension Fund AD Skopje at 02/15-500 every weekday between 08:00 and 16:00 for further instructions.


    The new password must contain at least 8 characters, one of which should be a capital letter, a lower case letter, a number and a special sign.


    After successfully changing the initial single use password, you’ll gain access to the information regarding your pension savings, information on the Pension fund/funds where you are a member and your personal data